COURAGE is an essential quality in our professions. It is the ability to embrace your convictions, to assert your difference, your difference of opinion, including in an unfavorable balance of power.

We are attached to COHESION which constitutes the strength of our organization, to the great benefit of our employees and our customers.

LEADERSHIP reflects both an ambition and a positioning: to develop skills recognized in their field for their intrinsic value. This is a constantly renewed challenge for us.

Through our AGILITY, we bring the most suitable solutions to our customers, making important for us, what is important for them. The ability to understand, reformulate, use each other’s skills, imagine and create are all assets for our clients.

Showing INTEGRITY is a metronome with Grant Thornton. All employees have an obligation to demonstrate this in their interactions with the firm, their employees and their clients.

We have a deep RESPECT for both our customers and our employees. This is one of the values that strongly characterizes the entire organization and activity of the group.

We nurture a culture of EXCELLENCE for the benefit of our employees and our customers.

CCLAIRE | Grant Thornton Senegal

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